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SUNDAY GOLF is Now Available on GovX

Face it, the golf world as you know it has changed. What once was popularized by sophisticated players in their knickers and flat caps, has now been succeeded by a somewhat more casual approach lead by packs of backward-hatted bros getting their hacks in. And as far as we can see it, there ain’t nothing wrong with it. Sunday Golf has brought their love for the game and the lifestyle to GovX members who don’t lose too much sleep over their score.

Inspired by the weekend golfer, Sunday Golf was born from the idea that leisurely activities should never pack too much in. After all, who doesn’t like rolling out of bed, and grabbing their gear to link up with some buddies over a few beers? The best thing about it, their selection of lightweight rolling golf bags fit this modern divot-digging approach to a tee.

For example, get a good look at the course-combing Loma Bag. Equipped with a built-in carry handle and available in a variety of colors, this minimalist carrier comes in clutch when you only need to bring a few clubs. Like to sip in between strokes? The frosty pocket makes sure your cold beverage of choice is never out of reach. 

So when the weekend’s waiting, don’t overthink it. Book your time. Round up your crew. Grab your clubs. And get the bags built for the modern golfer who doesn’t get too wrapped up in exclusive country club memberships or tournaments. Because at the end of the day, what could be more important than just getting out there and just having a really great time? Make sure your weekend plans are up to par, go with Sunday Golf.