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SPEAQUA Waterproof Speakers Are Available on GovX

Photo credit: Speaqua

There’s never been a better time to rock music and podcasts through portable speakers. Those little things always give the party a little extra punch, especially if it comes with a built-in bottle opener like the Speaqua Cruiser H.20, now available on GovX.

These 100% waterproof Bluetooth speakers were designed in San Diego, CA, and inspired by the surfer’s lifestyle. Go with the mini Cruiser mentioned above, or mount up the appropriately named Barnacle, a portable speaker with a durable suction cup to secure the speaker to just about any surface. The speaker is uniquely designed to float with the speaker face above the water, meaning you can toss it in the pool and float with your tunes alongside you.

The Barnacle also comes with internal storage allowing you to keep 2,000 songs on it, letting you play music even without your phone. Combine that with its shock, dust, and sand proof qualities, and the Barnacle becomes the ultimate off-the-grid speaker when reception is a no-go.

Use Speaqua audio gear at pool parties, at the beach, at the campsite, or just mount one up on the shower wall. Versatile audio delivery is what this new brand is all about.

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