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Six Alternative Campground Coolers You’ve Never Heard Of


With an undeniable coolness factor, maximum durability, and a beastly lineup of premium hard and soft coolers, YETI impressively reigns supreme as the chosen brand for adventurers, hunters, and campground heroes. However, if you were to dig a little deeper into the GovX catalog of alternative brand beverage haulers, you might just open yourself up to a whole new world of quality that you never knew existed. Fix your eyes on a little-seen collection of carefully chosen options sure to keep your cans chilled to perfection.


We’re fully aware that this courier of cold doesn’t look like your standard staple of parking lot tailgates. But that’s kind of what makes it so awesome. You see, with its lightweight design you’d be hard-pressed to find an easier-to-carry cooler anywhere.

THE PRO lives up to the name by masterfully carrying up to 18 cans plus ice. Designed for the long haul with powerful PolarPlus™ Insulation lining the insides, this particular cooler is capable of retaining ice for 24 hours at a time. Meaning you can spend all day at your destination without ever worrying about losing your cool. Load it up and let it do its thing.


Be advised, there ain’t nothing soft about this soft cooler. The ICEMULE-exclusive Bowhead Top™ opens up extra wide so you grab multiple cans at a time and not feel like you’re trying to squeeze peas through a straw.

100% waterproof by design, this angler-favorite is even capable of floating on its own. Yeah, you read that right. Taking PolarPlus™ Insulation one step forward than THE PRO, this adventure buddy is capable of providing 48 hours of ice retention.

IGLOO – IMX 24 QT Cooler

If toting a cooler that performs to your standards is your thing, you’ve come to the right place.

The IMX 24 QT Cooler checks all the boxes and comes up clutch when you’re organizing your next getaway. The insanely durable marine-grade rubberized lid latches to lock in the cold making lukewarm beers an impossibility while the anti-skid feet on the base assists in keeping the cooler stable and unlikely to tip over on smooth surfaces.

Add on a 5-year warranty, UV inhibitors, and bottle opener and you’ve got everything you need to leave the comforts of home behind.

IGLOO – IMX 70 QT Cooler

Go big or stay your ass at home. This heavy hitter of IGLOO’s massive lineup is designed with the serious outdoor adventurer in mind.

Colder than your average cooler, Cool Riser Technology® works to improve cooling performance by elevating cooler body from hot surfaces. Taking an inside look, Ultratherm® insulation in the body and lid keeps your drinks and eats colder for longer, topping out at 8 days of ice retention.

With built-in features — like a bottle opener, cup holders, lockable lid, fish ruler, and even a wire basket, this is one product that doesn’t dare skimp on the details. 

CAMP ZERO – 16 Liter Premium Cooler

Never out of place whether positioned strategically at the family BBQ or taken on a rough and rugged excursion off the map, CAMP ZERO comes correct with this easily transportable option for appreciators of ice-cold beverages.

Built tough as hell and coming in grizzly bear certified, the 16 LITER steps up its culinary game by providing a removable divider and cutting board for getting down to business and dicing up dinner. This tallboy is capable of packing in more than you’d think, holding an impressively large collection of wine and beer at one time.

CAMP ZERO – 40 Liter Premium Cooler

This weekend warrior is ready to put in the work and available in a total of 14 visually-appealing shades.

Grizzly bear certified to shut Smokey and his friends down before they can get their grubby paws on your goods, this heavy-duty hauler boasts a nearly indestructible construction and commercial-grade insulation to boot.

Did we mention that it’s dry-ice compatible? Because between that and the molded-In cup holders and 48-can holding capability, we’re still trying to decide on our favorite feature.

Looking for more ways to keep lukewarm beverages out of your life? Find your next cooler on GovX.