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ROYAL ROBBINS Outerwear is Now Available on GovX

Call it claustrophobia. Call it a distaste for the indoors. Call it a primal and undeniable urge to embrace the outside world and all the adventures that await. No matter how you coin your explorations, the fact remains, you need to suit up appropriately for whatever nature has in store for you. Enter Royal Robbins, and their high-quality collection of spirited outdoor lifestyle clothing for men and women. Now available to GovX members who make going everywhere their mission, the vast collection of Royal Robbins’ outerwear has everything you need to take on your travels.

Named after their founders, Royal and Liz Robbins, Yosemite Valley legends of the early days of California wall climbing. Royal Robbins has enabled their loyal following to embrace their passion for exploring the outdoors since the 1960s. Showcasing a refined, authentic aesthetic of nature-inspired selections that remain understated, classic, and smart, the brand’s versatility makes its apparel just at home in the mountains as it does on Main Street.

Discover their story for yourself.

Within their rich collection, it isn’t difficult to identify some prime choices for the adventurer in you. Take a long look at the Men’s Lost Coast Flannel Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, worlds apart from the grungy classics of your neighborhood thrift store, this nylon/polyester blend features HeiQ FFL odor control anti-microbial technology that provides long-lasting resistance against rankness.

Sudden shifts in the forecast calls for outerwear that can effectively combat the chill. Look no further than the Men’s Switchfrom Lite Jacket, the perfect companion for when things get cold. Windproof and water-resistant, this innovative zip-up converts to a fanny pack for easy carry whenever you have to shed a layer. Additionally, the adjustable hood provides added coverage, and the hand pockets zip secure keeping your contents safe.

Explore your world. But do it in style with Royal Robbins.

Royal Robbins is available now in the GovX catalog.