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RAEN Optics Are Now Available on GovX

Like adding an accent to your last name or placing a putting range in your backyard, finding the right pair of shades is the perfect accessory to increase your undeniable awesomeness. While there remains plenty of eyewear companies all vying for valuable face space, many shade aficionados tend to stay loyal to specific brands and models for their consistent style and performance. However, every now and then, a new contender emerges with the goal of catching the eye. Raen and its extensive line-up of classically cool polarized and non-polarized options is one such brand. New to GovX, and essentially our neighbors to the north, this Oceanside-based brand truly embraces the culture of California through handcrafted eyewear that doesn’t hold an expiration date.

Ready for more? Let’s start with the story through their eyes.

Handmade quality. Modern classic styles.

So what are they bringing to GovX? Some of the finest shades we have currently on the site, that’s what. At the apex lies the Men’s Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses, featuring mixed-metal and acetate combinations, these frames are held together by five barrel hinges with a wire core embedded in each temple for added strength without the added weight.

Men’s Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses
Men’s Friar Sunglasses

Searching for some go-to shades that deserve to be taken everywhere from the ocean to the office? Try the Men’s Friar Sunglasses. Available in a rectangular, masculine frame, these leaders of the look feature 100% UVA/UVB protection and 6-based curve with beveled detailing throughout.

At the end of the day, you deserve to equip yourself with the kind of sunglasses you can’t leave home without. We’re talking about the shades that provide instant confidence the moment you put them on, and soon wedge their way into becoming synonymous with your personal style. Quite simply, Raen aims to become your new personal favorites. Try them on for size at GovX and don’t look back.