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NOMADIX Sustainable Towels Are Now Available on GovX

You know the struggle. One second you’re getting all pumped while packing for that beach vacation or preparing a go-bag for a weekend yoga retreat, the next you’re wondering how the hell you’ve acquired so many towels for so many different activities over the years. Before you know it, said towels have claimed an inordinate amount of real estate in your luggage and you’re left lugging around a lot more than you need to. But what if you could uncomplicate what you carry and save valuable expenses? Not to mention give yourself a little more space to pack everything in. Nomadix and their brand of sustainable, multi-purpose towels are helping Americans like you accomplish just that. New to GovX, they’re living up to its promise as “the only towel you need” with a strong collection of products suitable for a life well-lived.

Spawned from the ethos to own less and do more, all Nomadix towels are made using certified post-consumer recycled plastic. This means there’s no concern about contributing to excess plastic waste that all too commonly ends up floating in our waters and polluting our planet. By converting recycled plastics into durable and versatile fibers designed to dry quickly and be bacteria-resistant, Nomadix has effectively allowed its customers to wash less and conserve more water. Which in our humble opinion here at GovX is nothing but a win.

For our members who embrace an unparalleled love for their country, the American Flag edition from their state flag collection is the prime pick for going patriotic. Emblazoned with the familiar stars and stripes pattern, this towel is sand and pet hair-resistant, butter-soft, and packs down small at a compact 3.5″x7″.

American Flag – State Flag Collection
Yosemite Flag – National Park Collection

Got an itch for adventure? The awe-inspiring National Park Collection is home to series of single-sided prints that pay homage to the most majestic places in the whole country, such as Yosemite. Whether you’ve been before or are in the midst of planning a life-changing trip, each high-performance towel is super absorbent, moisture-activated, and lightweight.

Ultimately, this is just a mini sampling of their vast and versatile collection of quality products destined to serve as your next all-in-one yoga, travel, and beach towel. Additionally, Nomadix is all about collaborating for change, as evident with their partnerships to give back to such organizations as The Conservation Alliance and their efforts to protect threatened wild places throughout North America. That’s what we call a difference-maker.