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Home » The New TOP GUN: MAVERICK Trailer Confirms More Beach Volleyball

The New TOP GUN: MAVERICK Trailer Confirms More Beach Volleyball

Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick
License: Alamy

This film got delayed so many times, it would be perfectly understandable to forget that it existed. Yes, even a Tom Cruise sequel can fade from memory given enough exposures to today’s distractions and horrors. But here comes the latest trailer at supersonic speeds to remind you that this film comes out in just two months. Check it out:

What a ride. Look at how tan all those aviators are! I’m certain that bronzed effect is some trick of the light because speaking from experience, people don’t get that tan by simply spending a summer in San Diego. Just ask literally everyone who works on the GovX staff. It’s a myth.

Anyway. The last time we got a sweet F-18 action on the big screen was BEHIND ENEMY LINES, a movie I loved as a kid but would probably take issue with if I spun it up right now. Can the same be said about the original TOP GUN? I don’t care. That movie lives in my heart forever.

The action in this thing looks breathtaking. I now understand why this movie’s release date dodged every COVID wave like a surface-to-air missile. This is meant to be seen on the biggest screen imaginable. I’m pretty sure if you streamed this on Paramount+ on an iPhone, Tom Cruise would personally visit your house and tell how you disappointed he was in you. And he’d do it without blinking once.

A word about the director, Joseph Kosinksi. GovX members may know him as the guy who gave us ONLY THE BRAVE, the film about the Granite Mountain Hotshots that every American should see. He also directed OBLIVION, another film in which Tom Cruise flies around in high-tech aircraft, though admittedly strangely shaped ones.

What do you think of the trailer? You gonna hit the theater when TOP GUN: MAVERICK comes out May 27? Choose wisely, or else risk Tom Cruise’s unsettling gaze.