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LITEBAND is Now Available on GovX

It’s a simple truth that some of us are just better built for making night moves. Whether it’s going for a bike ride, walking the dog, or embarking on a midnight run, embracing our nocturnal side is something many of us just can’t ignore. Neither is making it safe and comfortable to do so. This is exactly what makes Liteband, and their stellar collection of wide-beam LED headlights such a natural fit for

Liteband was born was from the bright minds at Optimal Ventures LLC, under the belief that headlamps neither had to be bulky nor uncomfortable. They saw what the market was lacking and sought out to create a superior product that people can feel secure wearing while still being able to see everything.

Here’s a little more detail into their innovative PRO series.

Let there be light.

A leader in low-profile illumination headwear, Liteband is coming in hot by offering some of their latest and greatest products available for sale through GovX. Take for example the ACTIV 400 Headlamp. Designed for bikers, campers, and everyone in between, this dynamo of durability features 20 powerful LEDs that offer 210-degree wide-angle illumination plus five lighting modes. Do your long hours tend to also be late hours? No problem, the 1800mAh rechargeable battery makes sure you don’t get lost in the dark.

Lighting the way with a furious amount of features, the PRO 750 Headlamp provides the ultimate assist whenever there’s a tire to be changed or a route to run. Earner of both an IPX 5 Rating and a Class 1 Safety Rating, this headlamp straps on for a lightweight, balanced, “no-bounce” experience for the wearer. One of the crown jewels of the collection, watch it outshine the competition with 35 LEDS, Hi-Vis color options, extended life battery, greater durability, and hardhat clips.

Brighten up. Explore the lineup of next-level headlights today.

Liteband is available now in the GovX catalog.