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Home » JAYBIRD VISTA 2 Review—The Finest Audio Choice for Runners

JAYBIRD VISTA 2 Review—The Finest Audio Choice for Runners

The sun is at full height. Your calves are pounding the loose packed dirt of a canyon trail like an engine pumping on all cylinders. Sweat is pouring. Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” is pushing you forward step-by-step. Your run is halfway done. Sound like paradise? It was for me, until my headphones shorted out from sweat exposure.

Here at GovX, we believe every job deserves to be executed with the proper gear – tools and equipment built to get the job done and get you across the finish line. I’d like to introduce Jaybird’s Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Headphones—the audio gods’ gift to endurance athletes, gym rats, and audiophiles everywhere.

Behold. A runner’s dream.

Audio Experiences for All 

While I could ramble on for days about durability, the adaptive and comfort-forward fit of the headphones, or the their 24-hour battery, what really sets the Vista 2 apart is its mobile app. 

Jaybird crafted its app to make their tech accessible, easy to use, and create a sound experience unique to the individual user. Engineered with athletic excellence in mind, the Vista 2 headphones feature state-of-the-art Surround Sense tech, crisp audio, and an abundance of sound settings powered by Jaybird’s mobile app. 

Loaded with dozens of preset audio profiles, the Jaybird Vista app provides the perfect sound mix for any genre or activity. Jaybird even allows you tweak their presets or create your own.

Not fussy? Don’t worry. The Jaybird’s ‘Signature’ profile is a balanced sound option – perfect for everything from Metallica to Hall and Oates, or even a podcast. These headphones are as customizable, or not, as YOU want them to be. 

Control with a Tap of Your Finger

Speaking of customization, each ear bud comes preset with simple button controls. Not feeling a song? Double press the right ear bud. Need to crank up the volume for the next hill repeat? Press and hold the right bud (bring the volume down by holding the left). Need more situational awareness on your next run? Double tab either bud to allow in environmental noise—like you know, cars.  

Use the app to swap commands to your preference.

The Jaybird Vista 2s are a Runner’s Dream earbuds 

As a runner, this brings me to what is without a doubt my favorite feature of the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds: Sound Management. Vista 2 offers two sound management modes: Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and Surround Sense. While the Active Noise Canceling mode is perfect for blocking out environmental noise to help maintain focus during the workday, Surround Sense offers athletes and average Joes alike the option to let in ambient environmental noise.

Don’t worry about misplacing your earbuds. If you ever lose track of them, just fire up the app to see where they were last connected.

In doing so, you’ll be able to hear a car coming over your left shoulder while pedaling your bike through a bustling downtown street whilst Motorhead’s Ace of Spades makes your afternoon suffer-fest a bit more… sufferable (sorry for the pun, my editor says I get one per article and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to use it).

Surround Sense isn’t just great in urban environments, it is equally useful on the trail—allowing you crush your morning trail run with confidence that you’ll hear oncoming mountain bikers approaching from around a bend or another runner yelling ‘on the left’ from behind.

Jaybird once again offers plenty of customizable options for the Vista 2’s SurroundSense mode. The app gives users the freedom to determine exactly how much environmental noise they’d like to allow in—affording listeners a unique blend of media and awareness of their surroundings.

Speaking of environmental noise, you can also enable the Wind Filtering setting in the app, allowing you to control how much windsheer comes through in SurroundSense mode. I also learned you can turn both ANC and SurroundSense totally off which extends the life of the battery.

Let’s Talk Durability… Finally 

Pair Surround Sense with the Vista 2’s extensive list of durability specs and you’ve got yourself the perfect headphones for any athletic endeavor. Featuring an impressive IP68 dust, sweat and waterproof rating (currently the highest score available), the Vista 2s outperform Apple’s highly popular AirPods’ – which sport a rating of IP4X. 

The convenient charging case for safely stowing and powering your earbuds.

The accolades continue on with Jaybird’s Earthproof Durability. Earning a US military drop test rating of Mil-Std 810G, you can rest assured that the Vista 2s are prepared to hold up to shock and mother nature.

These are easily the most durable, sweat-resistant earbuds I’ve had the pleasure of torturing myself in. Seriously, I think you could drop these in a mud puddle, and they’d still work (Disclaimer: GovX does not endorse dunking products into mud just to prove a point). 

With ear buds perfect for the gym, trail, or even the cubicle, Jaybird has set the standard for what headphones SHOULD be. Filled with impressive tech, you can enjoy the Vista 2 right out of the box or meticulously tune them to create an audiophile’s dream experience. 

Whichever camp you fall into, rest assured Jaybird has built headphones that will get the job done.

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