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How Your GovX Membership Can Help You Escape from Reality

The last thing you need is another blogger telling you times are tough right now. (If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s stating the obvious.) But here’s something less obvious: If you feel the need for a vacation or a getaway, GovX tickets and membership lets you save money on it. It’s not all sunglasses and plate carriers around here, guys.

So, today I thought I’d showcase a bunch of benefits you may not know you have access to. Being a GovX member has its advantages, so let’s get started.

Hotel Reservations

My girlfriend and I are attending a wedding in a few months, and I’m hoping the fact that I was able to save some money booking our hotel room through GovX will distract her from the fact that I still haven’t proposed to her.

You can save up to 20% on your next booking with your GovX membership. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but hotel prices these days are practically indistinguishable from Airbnb, so you could save even more on your next stay. And unlike Airbnb, you get room service. And a free continental breakfast. And water glasses that have little paper hats on them for some reason.

Rental Cars

Same deal with rental cars. Hertz, Thrifty, and Dollar car rental services all let GovX members save extra before picking up the keys.

If you can swing it, rental cars beat Ubers any day of the week. I personally don’t truly feel like I’ve visited a place until I’ve broken several of its traffic laws. Nothing crazy, though. A speed limit here, an illegal U-turn there … just enough to make me feel at home.

Camping Gear

Don’t you want the world to shut up for a few precious moments? For that matter, don’t you want your own brain to shut up for a bit? I don’t know about you, but when I’m at a campsite, I don’t think about anything else except how long I can poke a stick into a roaring campfire before I need a new stick.

There’s no social media. No politics. No Russians invading things. (Unless it’s like, a Red Dawn situation, in which case, “WOLVERINES!”)

I love camping. I love spending all day away from the campground on a trail, then returning to a warm fire, a hot meal, and a well-stocked cooler that’s reached that critical chill point where the beers are so cold the first sip is almost painful. I live for that moment, and you should too.

Truck Tents

With the right truck tent, your campsite is wherever you damn want. Napier and Rightline Gear are two brands in the GovX arsenal that let you turn your truck into your next home away from home. Considering there’s over 84 million acres of national park territory in the United States, chances are you’ll be able to find a dope spot to park your truck for the weekend.

Dog not included.

Also, if you camp in a truck tent at a regular car camping spot, you have the benefit of being able to literally look down on other campers. I mean, you already own a truck. Might as well complete the effect.

Theme Parks

Hey, did you know that when they’re not making streaming shows starring cute green babies, the Walt Disney Company runs a theme park? Yeah, it’s called Disneyland, and honestly—it’s a pretty damn happy place to spend the day! It makes me wonder: If we could cool tensions between the United States and the USSR by putting a bunch of Soviets on Splash Mountain in 1987, shouldn’t we just buy a ticket for Vladimir Putin? I’m telling you, I think he’d call off this whole Ukraine thing if he could just see how awesome Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is.

GovX tickets let you save on theme parks nationwide, and not just Disneyland. There’s Disneyworld too. When you’re the second largest media company on the planet, there’s no real need to get creative with your brand names.

Tickets (To Basically Everything Else)

Not sure if you heard, but baseball is back.

Here, let me say that louder: BASEBALL IS BACK.

I’m telling you guys, it’s the Padres’ year. This is the one.

The MLB lockout ended and baseball fans nationwide breathed a sigh of relief, a sigh that tasted faintly of light beer, nachos, and chili dogs. As a GovX member, you get discounted tickets to ballparks all over the nation. 21 teams—and counting—have joined us, and we couldn’t be happier.

GovX Tickets has tons of alternative ways to spend your time other than scrolling through social media feeds on your phone. Concerts and music festivals are ready to rock, like the Carolina Country Music Fest, where a bunch of people will be … using their phones to broadcast on social media the fact that they’re at the Carolina Country Music Fest. Because if no one sees you on Instagram watching Keith Urban play, what’s the point of seeing him at all, right?

On top of that, we’ve got Spartan Races for testing your physical endurance and tolerance for mud, ski lift tickets for where you can finally learn what the phrase “Shred the Gnar” means, and UFC fights where you can watch some dude drunkenly proclaim he can “totally take that guy.”  

We even have movie tickets. Come on guys, let’s go see MORBIUS. I hear it’ll be good.  

Spartan Races are a popular way to punish yourself and feel awesome for doing so by the end of it.

There you have it. GovX goes way beyond the gear. We understand you need to get away from it all from time to time. Americans like you deserve all the downtime you can get. Next time you head out on a trip, save on it with your GovX membership. And wherever you go, tag us in your pics @shopgovx.

GovX, out.