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If You Spend Time Around Guns, These American-Made Shades Are for You

Ahhh, Gatorz. The all-metal, all-American frame worn by badasses nationwide. And I gotta say, because I work for another San Diego-born brand built to serve Americans like you, I feel a kinship with Gatorz. They’ve been in the business slinging eyewear for operators and tactical pros for years. And so have I. It feels good to have things in common, doesn’t it?

I wanted to give you heads up about some of the recent developments in Gatorz tactical eyewear. If you’re a shooting enthusiast or a tactical pro (so, like, most of you), you might want to consider swapping out your current shades with a pair of made-in-America Gatorz.

First up, get a load of the newest style in the Gatorz collection, the Specter:

Gatorz is especially fond of wraparound frames with a significant lens curve. But with the Specter, Gatorz flattened things out a bit. The broader front and a slightly taller lens offers more coverage and a wider field of view. Available in both polarized and ballistic certified, the Specter is now available with your exclusive GovX discount.    

A word about ballistic standards.

These frames are impact tested to withstand two hits from a .15 caliber projectile between 700-725 feet per second, without breaking or ejecting. Now that doesn’t mean they’re bulletproof. But for defending against high-velocity fragments that tend to fly around at gun ranges, work sites, and even your woodshop, these get the job done. For more information on ballistic certified eyewear, boy do we have an article for you.

And oh man, it’s got a Cerakote finish. In case you haven’t gone full tacti-cool yet, Cerakote is a ceramic-based finish, often used in the gun industry for part protection, and offers a robust, strong shield against the elements. Sometimes people even coat their cars with it.

New, high-contrast shooting lenses.

Gatorz also recently premiered new high-contrast shooting lenses you might wanna check out. With permanent anti-fog coating and improved clarity that delivers optimal contrast in both high and low light conditions, it’s an extra layer of tactical brilliance on an already capable frame.

Made. In. America.

I want to reiterate one more thing: ALL GATORZ ARE MADE IN AMERICA. After developing a following in the motorcycle community, Gatorz frames got the attention of the skydiving world. With nowhere to go from there but up, SOCOM operators gave ’em a shot and passed the test. Through their incredible tactical journey, Gatorz has maintained a commitment to keep these shades proudly made in America.