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Here’s the Rundown on the Three Best Belleville Boots

Photo credit: Belleville

For over one hundred years, Belleville Boots have produced reliable footwear for Americans of service. Manufactured in Belleville, Illinois since 1904, this brand remains one of the Department of Defense most trusted brands, providing footwear for military servicemembers since the days of World War I.

So obviously they’re part of the GovX gear catalog.

Belleville relies on the latest footwear tech, manufacturing techniques, and high-end materials in all their boots. Since the Vietnam War, the design and material of Belleville’s military boots adapted to suit the hot desert conditions the US military often deploys to, including these three AR-670-1 Compliant boots.

Belleville – MINI-Mil Ultra Light Training Boots

The MINI-MiL keeps things simple, with a basic, minimalist design that doesn’t skip out on features. The 2MM heel-to-toe drop encourages forefoot strike and extra wide toe box allows toes to splay for more natural walking and running. With an upper featuring 100% cattlehide leather and insanely durable 1000-denier Cordura nylon, it’s a boot that stands up to the rigors of the job without adding unnecessary bulk. Unlined, quick-drying, and highly breathable, each boot weighs just under a pound. Which is why it made our list of top ten lightweight tactical boots of 2021.

Belleville – AMRAP Athletic Training Boot

Most of you reading this already know what AMRAP stands for. But for the uninitiated, this boot is named after As Many Reps as Possible—a term originating in the Crossfit market, referring to an athlete giving 100% effort and exertion to a workout. A proud name for a boot built for military training. Put in maximum effort with an expanded TPU midsole that provides superior resiliency and rebound than standard EVA midsoles. It’s the ideal lightweight athletic boot for PT, the range, and the ruck.

Belleville – Khyber Hybrid Assault Boot

Originally designed for mountain operations in Afghanistan, the Khyber TR550 is capable of reliable performance in any environment. From rocky terrain to urban streets, this hybrid boot features a load bearing orthotic footbed; providing support wherever your mission takes you. The lace-to-toe lacing system gives you a customized fit, and the Vibram IBEX outsole gives you sure footing when you need it most. Looking for an even more environmentally prepared Belleville boot? Get the version of the Khyber TR550 with insulated waterproof lining.

Where can you buy Belleville Boots? Explore the entire Belleville catalog.