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Home » Harrison Ford Just Joined the New YELLOWSTONE Spinoff Series. Obviously.

Harrison Ford Just Joined the New YELLOWSTONE Spinoff Series. Obviously.

Credit: Gage Skidmore

At this stage of his career, the great Harrison Ford has a right to take any damn role he pleases. Though we may still have to wait yet another year to see him wield the whip and resume his archaeological adventures as Indiana Jones (and hopefully commit full KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL erasure), we’re pleased to report that the iconic actor will hit the small screen this December as a cast member of the YELLOWSTONE prequel spinoff 1932, coming to Paramount+.

In what is being described as an origin story to the hit show, the series will build on the story established by both YELLOWSTONE and the previous prequel 1883, and center around an early generation of the Dutton family as they battle western expansion, historic drought, the last days of Prohibition, and the depths of the Great Depression while maintaining their ranch.

Ford, the longtime proprietor of a massive Wyoming ranch himself, is nothing short of a natural fit for headlining Taylor Sheridan’s newest expansion into the Dutton family business. There’s no word on who he’ll play or how big his role will be, or whether the series will be built for a limited run or multiple seasons, but either way, this is Harrison Ford we’re talking about. If he wants to star in a sequel to a prequel, we ain’t going to be the one to stop him.

For those keeping count, 1932 will actually film around the same time as the previously fast-tracked YELLOWSTONE spinoff 6666. As fans of the western melodrama know, the infamous West Texas ranch was weaved into the storyline of the fourth season.

You can practically smell the livestock.

So there you have it. More Ford. More Yellowstone. More epic adventures revolving around America’s first great park. The big sky is the limit.