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GovX Shoppers Now Get Discounts on KUIU Hunting Gear

  • by GovX
Photo credit: KUIU

Hunters nationwide just perked up their ears. GovX members can now enjoy their exclusive discounts on KUIU gear and apparel.

KUIU specializes in innovative gear for the modern hunter. Founded by Jason Hairston in 2010, the brand set out from the start to push the boundaries of what’s possible in hunting apparel, and has developed a loyal following among hunters and outdoorsmen ever since.

This is a brand especially interested in the extreme conditions and requirements of backpack hunting, the practice of venturing deeper into the land in search of the richest and least exploited hunting grounds. Only the strong and the most committed embark on such hunts. The journey is great. The rewards are greater.

Most backpack hunters will tell you, there’s nothing like the thrill of taking an animal after days and days spent trudging through the toughest terrain. But in order to make the trip, they require the absolute finest apparel, without weighing them down. Combining impeccable quality with lightweight designs is what KUIU is all about. This is functional, trail-ready apparel and gear designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing performance.

Take the Pro Pack System, for example. The brand set out to evolve the modular pack, taking full advantage of the carbon fimer frame and redesigning the suspension and upgrading the bag. It’s a system you can mod for however long your hunt is, from a single day hunt to a multi-week expedition. Take a look:

Kinda makes you want to hit the trail with a rifle and a dream, doesn’t it?

We’re also a massive fan of a particular pair of KUIU pants, the Kutana Stretch Woven Pant. These rugged performers are ideal for early-to-mid season hunts in tough conditions. The second you wear these you’ll understand you’re not wearing a standard outdoor pant. These are made of Toray Primeflex Nylon, a highly technical fabric with incredible tear strength and durability, meaning you can scramble over rocks and up cliffs without worrying about your pants’ integrity. Most stretch nylons are made of spandex, which inevitably breaks down over time. With the Kutana pants, they seem to strengthen with age. Zip open hip vents for air flow during warmer weather. Articulated knees and gusseted crotch for total range of motion. And just enough cargo space for extra gear, the Kutanas are your ultimate hunting pant.

We could go on. But the KUIU arsenal is yours to explore. And now with GovX ID enabled, you can get your KUIU military discount at checkout as you gear up for your next hunt. Get your unique KUIU promo code by using GovX ID at checkout and let us know what you think of your gear. See you on the trail, hunters.

Shop KUIU hunting gear with your exclusive GovX membership discount.