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FELIX GRAY Blue Light Glasses Are Now Available on GovX

If there’s anything recent times have taught us, it’s that being glued to our devices can do a number on our optics. To get a little more specific, spending so many hours staring at the same glowing screen can serve as the catalyst for eyestrain, headaches, and blurry vision. Basically, all the things you don’t want to deal with after a long day of work. Felix Gray and their line of solution-driven, Blue Light eyewear are coming through for Americans who’ve simply had enough. A unique addition to the GovX catalog, their selection makes technology easier to take in. So you can get the job done in style, without feeling like your head’s been put through the proverbial ringer.

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It couldn’t be more clear, folks. Felix Gray just works.

Featuring prescription-free models, Felix Gray eyewear protects your eyes through proprietary Blue Light-filtering lenses designed to eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue. A steep departure from the amber-tinted abominations of 90s computer glasses, these modern-day marvels boast frames built from Italian acetate for a classically cool look.

Take a gander at the top-selling Jamison Blue Light Glasses. Inspired by the fabulous 50s, these shades feature Felix Gray’s proprietary filtering technology embedded directly within the lenses, so 50% of all Blue Light and almost 90% of the highest range are filtered out. 

Jemison Blue Light Glasses
Roebling Blue Light Glasses

Another choice for combating digital eye strain, Felix Gray’s Roebling Blue Light Glasses dial up the style for a sophisticated yet practical look in or out of the office. Designed with a medium-sized frame, the Roebling’s signature keyhole bridge rests comfortably on your face as your filter through emails and attempts to avoid double-booking another staff meeting.

With more and more of us spending too much of our waking hours in front of a screen, Felix Gray is exactly what you need to add to your arsenal to go up against the glow and the glare. It’s also doesn’t hurt that they look pretty damn good.