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FAST METAL Aluminum Eyewear is Now Available on GovX

With all due respect to gas station shades and flea market 2-for-1 specials, plastic-molded eyewear just doesn’t have the impact as their metal counterparts do. Honestly, how many times have you personally picked up a pair on a whim, only to end up eventually with a bent frame and a contribution to a growing garbage pile. It’s maddening. Frustrating. But it happens, and every time it does you wish you had invested in a stronger form of eyewear. As it turns out, the aluminum-laced eyewear of the appropriately-named Fast Metal are leading in the charge against fragile frames.

The brainchild of aluminum eyewear pioneer Ken Wilson, the original Fast Metal specs were forged to serve the military and withstand high-impact ballistics for maximum eye protection. Combined with the interchangeable lenses, these beacons of badassery stand alone as the premier choice for both durability and performance.

See what we’re talking about. 

These shades should really come with their own bass solo.

So when looking at the Fast Metal lineup, where does one start first? Easy. Go with the Speed Demon. Introduced in 2018, this polarized powerhouse features a unique 7-barrel hinge using two Teflon coated screws top and bottom, securing the hinge against failure. In a league of its own when compared to other aluminum alternatives, the Speed Demon comes ready for the range and is constructed for protection, comfort, and fit.

Making no excuses for its unmeasurable awesomeness, the Fender Polarized Sunglasses provide a rimless, stylized look for those who believe wholeheartedly in living life with no regrets. From hiking to hitting the highway, these are built for going all the way and becoming the top choice for wherever the day takes you. Rocking a unisex look, the polarized lens keeps the glare out and the rubber nose and ear pads help take comfort up a notch.

When all is said done, Fast Metal aluminum shades may have plenty of competitors, but no true equals. For shades that won’t snap, look no further than the trusted brand that’s been setting the stage for years now.