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DUKE CANNON Grooming Products Are Now Available to GovX Members

There’s a certain ilk of Americans that aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work. They take the dirt under their fingernails and the sweat-soaked uniforms, work clothes, or fitness attire as badges of honor. Unfortunately, a rather ripe aroma and that unwanted unfresh feeling can linger along with all that glory. DUKE CANNON provides essential assistance in the fight against socially unacceptable odors with a manly lineup of soaps, hair care products, beard oils, deodorants, and more tools for operating at your cleanest. And now they’re one of the latest brands to enable GovX ID discounts for military and first responder shoppers.

Trusted by soldiers and forged from deep within a family-owned Minnesota plant that once supplied the U.S. military with goods during the Korean War, DUKE CANNON embraces the roots and traditions of our nation in everything they do. Here’s a look at some of the standouts.

Big Ass Brick of Soap – Gun Smoke

Rolling into your morning routine at a hefty 10 ounces or 3x the size of a regular bar of soap, The Gun Smoke edition of DUKE CANNON’s signature BIG ASS line is fully equipped to satisfy the sportsman inside you.

Boasting notes of smoked wood, bourbon vanilla, and charred leather, each wash is sure to reinvigorate an appreciation of the great outdoors.

Best Damn Beard Amplifier

One of the great tragedies of my life is that I’ve never been able to grow a proper beard. Sporting only the weakest of whiskers, the sheer power that comes from being amongst the hirsute remains a mystery to me.

For those who don’t deal with such facial misfortune, maintaining your bushy man mane and keeping your skin moisturized underneath it is accomplished by keeping a can of Best Damn Beard Amplifier in reach. Engineered with shea butter and avocado oil, each non-oily dab defeats dryness and leaves refreshing scents of bergamot and sandalwood in its wake.

Shampoo Puck “Hat Trick” Bundle

Good hair products come in threes. That’s just basic math. So is the fact that this very bundle outworks five bottles of liquid shampoo while delivering over 175 washes.

What it all adds up to is a package of three distinct formulas in Field Mint, Gold Rush Fever, and Barrel Char No. 004 that smell better, lather better, and leave your hair looking and feeling like a crown on a King.

Grunt Foot & Boot Powder

Putting in all that hard work has been known to extract a heavy toll on your feet. After all, we all know the pain of ripping off your boots after a 12-hour day and being met by a range of unholy scents that wreak havoc on your olfactory organs.

DUKE CANNON’s Grunt Powder put an end to all of that. Approved by active-duty soldiers, each douse is designed to keep your feet dry, friction-free, and deodorized. Menthol and eucalyptus oil work in tandem to provide soothing relief while activated charcoal works its wonders to neutralize the foulness.

Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair 3 Pack

So we’re not advocating that you duke it out with a grizzly on a frozen tundra somewhere in the Arctic, but if you absolutely had to claim your dominance, you’d almost assuredly need to bring this 3-pack of Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair balm along with you.

Created to repair the hands of workers, fighters, and heroes, each tub is formulated from lanolin, a substance that works to provide much-needed moisture to your skin without leaving them feeling sticky.

There you have it guys. You’re that much closer to feeling damn good about your personal grooming and hygiene habits. You know what to do from here.