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A Firefighter Puts the NOBULL Shoes Through the Athletic Gauntlet

Justin Herzog is a competitive CrossFit athlete and a particularly muscular, particularly mustachioed San Diego firefighter. He’s the kind of professional who understands that being good at one of these efforts helps him be even better at the other. Here’s his review of the NOBULL Trainers, a shoe built for people who like to dispense with the nonsense and simply get to work.

As a full-time firefighter at a busy firehouse in the heart of Southeast San Diego, physical preparation and fitness are vital to being able to serve the community to the best of my abilities. Due to the strenuous physical demands of the job and the emergencies we respond to, training both on and off duty is a part of the job.

While we often train full gear, I also have to commit myself to multiple out-of-gear modalities as part of my firefighter preparation. This requires utilizing resilient, comfortable, and dependable gear starting with a solid foundation in footwear. Enter, the NOBULL trainers.

A Trainer That Rises to the Challenge

I received a couple pairs of trainers from NOBULL to test out and run through the gamut of both my on-and-off duty training. Needless to say, the NOBULL trainers passed every test I could put them through. After lacing up, I went through an intense amount of heavy barbell squats and deadlifts, running on a college track, a treadmill and a challenging trail, pushing heavy sleds, carrying heavy sandbags, climbing and jumping rope, as well as a couple dozen circuits of burpees, box jumps, dumbbell and kettlebell work with exhausting Assault Bike intervals mixed in for good measure.

I wore both pairs of trainers over a stacked three-week schedule of on and off-duty training, and I fully endorse the NOBULL trainer as an excellent choice for anybody who depends on a reliable pair of shoes for putting work in.

The Difference is in the Details

NOBULL boasts an incredible attention to detail with these trainers. The first feature I noticed is the unique texture of the shoe’s exterior. Constructed with a SuperFabric exterior, the distinctively bumpy texture is rigid to the touch, yet stays lightweight and feels like you’re wearing armor on your feet.

The strong yet snug fit provides equal parts solid support and comfort. I prefer to wear Darn Tough socks when I train, and the molded sock liner in the shoe provides an unbeatable cushion. Even the laces are woven tight for a secure feel and are easy to adjust. When I’m preparing to train, I don’t want to think too much about the pair of shoes I’m lacing up. NOBULL handles these details for me, so I can fully focus on my training.

Minimal Colors for Major Gains

The trainers they sent me came in two colors, Arctic Heather and Black. They’re extremely comfortable, breathable, and durable while providing a solid foundation for racking up the back squats and moving heavy sandbags. Additionally, they’re light enough for running, box jumps and jumping ropes. I was massively impressed at how much grip I got while climbing rope. The inner tread is built to handle the up and down like no trainers I’ve ever worn before.


When it comes to running, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well these shoes performed. In my experience, most trainers are not built comfortable to run in, and I was a little skeptical about how the NOBULL trainers would stack up. I’m a size 12 with high arches and have previously had difficulty finding a pair of trainers that fit my foot without excessive squeezing and compressing. Over the course of three weeks, I ran various distances on different types of running surfaces and my feet responded great each time. As with the heavy squats, the trainers provided top-level support.

The Top Choice for Training

It’s no surprise to me that so many elite-level CrossFit athletes look to NOBULL as their go-to choice, The trainers I own now are my number one choice for any physical training I need to do. After just a few weeks of wearing them, I can see why they’re called NOBULL. For anyone who wants to cut the nonsense from their routine and focus on the training, the NOBULL trainers certainly live up to their name.