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Hard evidence that cops make for the best kind of content creators.

There’s a certain level of quick-thinking creativity to be found in those who hail from law enforcement. A “seen it all” attitude that makes the transition from walking the beat to firing off some offbeat material all too easy for those sporting a strong social media game. Call ‘em influencers. Call ‘em trendsetters. Call ‘em what you will. Either way, with National Law Enforcement Week coming up, we’re proud to observe and report back on some of our favorites.



First coming into prominence on the now defunct video app Vine, Officer Daniels serves as LEO’s seasoned veteran of viral posts. Silly, self-deprecating, and unafraid to use food as a prop, Daniels brings a lot of laughs to his legion of loyal followers. Using his platform to do some good, he also proudly serves an LEO activist, heading up Humanizing the Badge, a non-profit focused on strengthening the relationships between law enforcement officers through online support and social media content.


Hailing from H-town, the aptly named TexasCop 2.0 mainly plies his trade on TikTok, but can be found bringing his own unique brand of comedic flair across multiple outlets. Also known as Chuck or Tex, this patrolman keeps thing fun, cheery, and inspirational, especially while showing off him impressive weight loss over the last few years. Starting his account as a means for dealing with the common mental health challenges experienced by first responders, Texas Cop has parlayed his success to backing Breast Cancer Awareness causes and utilizing his popular graphic t-shirt line

to raise and distribute funds to organizations in need.

All right, all right. We know you may have reservations about ever starting a TikTok account, and we respect that. But taking one look at the content this enforcer creates, may change your stance. Like a badge-wearing Larry David, this officer hits on all the weirdness that occasionally comes being a cop. Abiding by the tongue-in-cheek motto that “having fun is fun”, each post serves as a reminder that you don’t have to look too far to find the lighter side of law enforcement.

One more for the TikTok generation. Deputy Sellers is a former military vet, who currently serves as Sheriff’s Deputy for an Indiana police department. Blending comedy, mental health awareness, dance videos, and family life, Sellers has developed a strong following through his honest, timely posts. Also affiliated with Humanizing the Badge, Sellers pays it forward by providing resources for those struggling with the daily grind of police work.


Gamers, unite. As a former active-duty police officer, Simba switched over to reserve status to spend more time with his young family and further develop his streaming and content creation channels. Focusing heavily on story-driven, psychological games, the Florida native expertly entertains with his hours of gameplay while supporting worthy causes such as the Wounded Warrior Project and Hidden Battles Foundation.

Some folks are just naturally predisposed to making high quality social media content. It’s in their blood. They have just a Midas touch as far as posts are concerned. The hilariously coined Sassy Blue Sister is just that kind of person. A proud female cop, Sassy posts her fair share of police comedy skits, behind the scenes bloopers, and Unicorn Doug content (which usually involves the one-horned wonder getting arrested in some way). On a more serious note, she is also a survivor of spousal abuse and works to bring awareness and guidance to an issue that must be addressed.


First becoming a viral and station sensation for his impromptu “Nae Nae” dance rendition inside a Utah 7-11 back in 2016, Officer Bryson Lystrup has taken those sweet moves and combined them with an engaging attitude to grow his following in the years since. Now an SVU Detective, Lystrup has diversified his content by segueing into police educational videos, safety tips, memes, and fundraising efforts for his local children’s hospital.

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